Project Socius

Research,  Experience Design,  Front-end Development
One in seven Americans rely on food pantries to feed their families. But here's the catch — food drives are a naïve solution to fighting hunger, despite their good intentions. Not only do they require paid workers to sort out expired items and deliver to warehouses, half of the donations fail to meet basic nutritional needs and are thrown away. Socius is a web application that aims to leverage these problems by better translating the needs of food insecure population to donors; while at the same time, empowering donors to make a direct impact by uplifting those needs.
Project Socius is a research project led by lead researcher Min Kyung Lee and is being designed and implemented in collaboration with an interdisciplinary team. Visit here to learn more about the abstract. Below are the team members involved in the research project.

Team members:
Ryan Park
Jessica Cheng
Catherine Chiodo
Michael James
Kate Carey
Hilary Lai
Vincent Kang
Lisa Otto

This is an ongoing project that cannot be disclosed. Drop me a line to learn more about what I've been working on.